About Me

I'm driven and passionate about front-end development and design. Experience in developing web applications based on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, and Redux.js. Hands on experience in developing user interfaces for Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet.

My Resume

  • Front End Skills
  • HTML5/CSS3
    UI Design
  • Back End Skills
  • Node.js
Work Experience
  • Web/PICK Developer Jan 2018 - Present Digital Systems Consulting
    • Designed and developed responsive websites and e-commerce sites for various clients
    • Developed user-interfaces using Node.js, React.js and Redux.js
    • Integrated applications into DMS used by auto dealership client
  • Software Engineer 2016 - 2017 CDK GLOBAL
    • Analyzed client specific peripheral applications in sales, parts and accounting and integrated into core product used by auto dealerships
    • Analyzed and wrote test scenarios for integration of enhancement into core product
    • Followed Agile development process and standards in order to ensure quality of PICK and PHP code
    • Worked with clients and developed custom websites
    • Converted, enhanced existing websites to be cross-device compatible
    • Designed, developed, and maintained WordPress themes
    • Maintained online solutions for small business clients
  • FREELANCE WEB DEVELOPER 2010 - 2011 Various Clients
    • Designed and developed front-end screens for canned reports
    • Resolved support call issues for clients using custom ERP solutions (MultiValue)
    • Followed existing standards to develop new data entry screens
    • Troubleshot problems with processes and programs
  • Bachelor of Finance
  • 2006
  • University of Florida
Interests & Hobbies
  • Gym
  • Reading
  • Coding
  • hiking
  • travel
  • music

My Portfolio

Developer Social Network Site
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Developer Network Application
React, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB
developer network application mern

Developer Network Site

  • Project : Developer Network Application
  • Categories : React
  • Purpose : Gain experience with building an application using the MERN stack and using hooks in React

Full stack application consisting of Node.js, Express, React, Redux, MongoDB and ES6

  • Back-end based on Node.js, Express and MongoDB
  • Implemented private routes using JSON Web Tokens
  • Integrated React with the backend API
  • Used Redux for app state management
  • Used React hooks in order to use state and lifecyle features from function components
Hand Drawn Space Badge Collection
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React - Hotel Resort Application
Hotel Resort Application

Hotel Resort Application

  • Project : Hotel Resort Application
  • Categories : React
  • Purpose : Gain experience with building a React application using context and filters
ecosmart pest solutions Tampa
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Ecosmart Pest Solutions
Wordpress Site
Modern Teamwork Landing Page

Ecosmart Pest Solutions

  • Client : Ecosmart Pest Solutions
  • Categories : WordPress Site

Custom WordPress site was built for client that was device cross compatible

Sharyn Bey Productions
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Sharyn Bey Productions
Wordpress Site
Sharyn Bey Productions

Sharyn Bey Productions

  • Client : Sharyn Bey Productions
  • Categories : WordPress Site

Custom WordPress site was built for client that was device cross compatible

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